Feb 20 2017

Sir Shilling Copperpenny “Mourning Edition”

Available soon, an all new Hand-Painted edition of this popular mini Mechtorian vinyl figure.
Satin black with royal Purple, tarnished silver and white pinstripe.
Each of these 3″ tall figures is painted, signed, numbered and dated on the underside by Doktor A.
Painted to the same high standard of any of the Doktor’s gallery pieces.
Each comes boxed.

Only 20 pieces have been created of this exclusive version.

Manager at the Bank of Retropolis.
He has deep pockets and short arms.
Although his heart is large (some would say just old fashioned) he loves his coin collection above all else…
He has even toyed with the idea of having his beloved coins fashioned into a spouse.

Launching exclusively on my Online store at 6pm (UK time – GMT) on Wednesday 22nd February.

Only £65 ( approx $80) each.

Nov 3 2015

Introducing Todd Morden

Todd Morden Mechtorian resin figure by Doktor A Bruce Whistlecraft

Todd grew up in the shadow of his popular sister Heb.
Some people called him odd. But really he is simply unique.
Artistic, quirky, friendly and mostly Vegan.
He dwells in a lovely valley and quietly effects the world.

This new Mini Mechtorian 3″ tall resin figure will debut at Designer Con in Pasadena on the21st & 22nd of November..
Sculpted by Doktor A and handmade in England Todd comes in three “Coldcast” metal editions of 100 pieces, Pewter, Brass and Verdigris.
Only 10 of each will be available at Designer Con for $45 each.

Todd Morden Mechtorian resin figure by Doktor A Bruce Whistlecraft Todd Morden Mechtorian resin figure by Doktor A Bruce Whistlecraft Todd Morden Mechtorian resin figure by Doktor A Bruce Whistlecraft

Oct 6 2015

Copper Creeps

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A. Mono Pair
Clanking Classic Creature Collectibles.
Introducing the first pair in a new line of figures from Doktor A.

From the shadowy corners of crumbling castles, abandoned laboratories and forbidden islands crawl a new range of classic monster collectibles with a unique robotic twist.
Copper Creeps are a series of resin figures inspired by famous movie monsters of the past.
Each of these iconic horrors have been re-imagined with a vintage mechanical style.

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A. Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A.

Standing apart from Doktor A’s ongoing Mechtorian world, the new range will be familiar in tone to his existing fans whilst being easily accessible to new collectors.

The first two characters to be released are The Monster and The Bride.
The Monster stands a chunky 3″ tall, with The Bride a slim 4.5″ tall.
Each figure is available at launch in a choice of four different finishes.

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A. Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A.

Open editions of Brass, Pewter and Verdigris “Cold Cast” polished metal will cost £45 ( $65 ) each.
There will also be the very limited Mono hand painted edition for £90 ( $135 ) each. This is a signed and numbered run of only 20 of each character, individually hand painted by Doktor A.

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A.

The figures were all designed and sculpted by Doktor A and hand cast and finished in England by Baroque Designs.

They each come separately boxed in a simple package with a striking metal foil label.

Copper Creeps will be available to purchase from my online store from Saturday the 10th October at 6pm UK time. Early customers should have them in hand for Halloween.

We ship worldwide!

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A. Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A.

Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A. Copper Creeps Monster Robot figures by Doktor A.

Oct 5 2015

How to make a Monster

I have a new range of figures in the works and I thought I would post a peek at how they were made.
I work out the overall look on paper with a pencil first, figuring out the look of the figure. As I am making the prototype I dont need to do detailed turnaround views for another sculptor to work from. So I dive right into the build..


This is what I am using for my prototype master sculpt. More of a construct than a sculpt.
Acrylic geometric forms. Styrene sheet. Acrylic and styrene rod and tube. Lead tape. Some plastic hemispheres. And some epoxy putty to fill the gaps.

Copper Creeps Tools

My tools for this job. All hand tools apart from a mini power Proxxon drill (not shown) for bulky cutting and sanding, of which there is not much. As I am mostly using acrylic and styrene I am chemically welding more than gluing. Using dichloromethane.

Copper Creeps WIP3

Basic form built, with most gaps plugged with filler. Some rub down and finishing required before molding but he came together nicely. Three days work so far.


The switch on the back of the figure. I turned the handle grip from acrylic tube held in my mini drill chuck like a tiny lathe.

Copper Creeps WIP4

Some more views of the figure.

Copper Creeps WIP 5

A couple of coats of primer and some rubbing down to get the best surface finish possible.
I use automotive acrylic paint mostly. A couple of coats of “Filler Primer” first. This is a high build primer that is great for filling any tiny indents or scratches in the surface. You can get a nice even surface with this, then move onto the regular primer.
Rubbing down is about 50% of modelmaking.
This will need another pass before it’s ready.

Copper Creeps WIP 6

All finished and ready to send off to the casters. I wont be hand casting these myself. I know people who are set up specifically for that job and they are faster and better at it than I am..

Copper Creeps WIP 7

And here is a small army of resin castings. I have filled any tiny air holes and primed these ready for painting…

More info on this new series coming very soon.

Watch my social media pages or this blog for info..

Feb 11 2015

Mourning Mooncalf

Coming jolly soon, a very limited edition, hand painted version of the Pobber production figure Humphrey Mooncalf.

I painted six Mourning Mooncalfs in the black, purple and tarnished silver colours which have become an ongoing series in their own right.
In addition each has been given a neck tie to complete the outfit.

Signed on the underside and numbered in an embossed fashion on the rear of each 8″ tall piece, Humphrey comes in his usual box with FREE worldwide tracked shipping.

“Humphrey Mooncalf had a reoccurring problem with his Travithick No. 4 Nano-clockwork brain.
Repeated trips to the watch-smith proved a great success.
The pain held at bay by loosening his cranial rivets.
This however means that he can no longer look up.
Such a shame, as he does so love the moon”

Available from my online store on Friday 13th February at 6pm UK time.

MourningMooncalfFisheyeLorez MourningMooncalfFrontBackLorez

MourningMooncalfSigilLorez MourningMooncalfPoseLorez MourningMooncalfNumberLorez MourningMooncalfHatFrontBackLorez

Jan 28 2015

Bella SALE !


It’s carnage over at my Online Store RIGHT NOW.
In order to make way for the incoming final Bella DelaMere edition, the previous versions prices have been SLASHED!
They are all ON SALE.
All prices CUT!

If you have been thinking about picking up one of these lovelies then now is the time to act.. ( And dont forget the Ello money off code too…)


Oct 28 2014

Stumpy at Designer Con



Stumpy Warburton “Mourning” edition will be released exclusively at Designer Con in Pasadena on November the 8th & 9th.

There will be ONLY 20 of these 2″ tall resin figures, each hand painted by Doktor A.
Signed and numbered, carded and bagged.
$90 each.

Available from the Doktor’s booth, Number 416.


Oct 16 2014

Get Haunted!


Bella DelaMere the “Dead of Night” edition.
This heinous huntress for the haunting season brings a splash of horror to your Halloween.
Wielding a jagged blade and ill intent the mechanical masked malefactor is out for blood.
Decked in shades of pitch and gloom and randomly bespattered with arterial colour, young Bella has been up to no good in the deadliest of ways.

Limited to only 175 pieces Bella will launch at 11.59pm on the 30th of October (UK time).
So kick your Halloween off the right way by picking up the penultimate incarnation of this retrobotic, be-tentacled beauty.

Available from the Arts Unknown web-store for £65.
Signed and numbered “APs” available from Doktor A’s webstore for £80 (only 25 available)

8″ tall rotocast vinyl art multiple figurine.
Each piece is randomly spattered with red gore, making each piece individual.
Comes in presentation box with formed protective inlay.


Oct 8 2014

Springtime APs available NOW



The APs of the Springtime Stroll edition of MrPumfry’s astounding Mechanised Perambulator are now available to purchase from my online store.

This colorway dropped at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Following the sold-out Autumn Amble and Winter Wanderland editions, Spring Stroll evokes the lushness of spring with rich green tones and light brass accents.
Total run was limited to only 100 pcs.

The 10 “AP” (artist proofs) offered here are signed and numbered by Doktor A.



Sep 23 2014

Stumpy Warburton now available again


The second casting run of the Metal edition Stumpy Warburton figures are now available to purchase direct from my online store.

Each is an edition of 100 pieces. The total run will be cast in several passes. The first run sold very fast.
£20 each, 3″ tall, polished and antiqued “cold-cast metal” resin figures, bagged and signed by Doktor A.