Oct 15 2010


Oct 4 2010

More Dunny Goodness

Early experiments into the little understood properties of static electricity resulted in the creation of the “Electro-Aethermetric Consciousness Focusing Helmet”. Intended to harness the latent energy of dreams, the imagination and the subconscious mind.
It was a total failure!
However it did induce in the wearer a sensation not unlike that produced by more than several Pimms and Lemonades. And went on to be a best selling product.

This is the brand new Doktor A Dunny release from the “2tone” series by Kidrobot.

My Artist Proofs will be onsale at my store on Sale Wednesday 6th October at 8pm UK time.

A 3″ tall rotocast articulated vinyl figure. With original box and series leaflet.
Each Dunny is signed and numbered on the underside of its foot.
Edition of 25 “AP”s.

Aug 27 2010

Dunny 2010 Artist Proof Sets

Kidrobot’s 2010 Dunny series sees another Doktor A design released into the world.
“Whistlecraft and Son’s Patented Self Stoking Flunky Engine” never needs tending or maintaining.
Ideal for those tedious or unpleasant domestic tasks around the modern home.

Now is your chance to purchase an “Artist’s Proof” of this Dunny direct from the artist.
Each of the 25 pieces is signed and numbered under one foot and comes with a like numbered print of the character.
Of the 25 purchasers of this release, one lucky random person will also receive the original ink drawing the print was taken from.

Toy :
3″ tall rotocast articulated vinyl figure. With original box and series sticker.
Print :
Printed in sepia archival inks on Sommerset velvet cotton rag with rounded corners.
Each signed and numbered in pencil.
Paper size : 4.75″ x 6.25″
Image size : 3.5″ x 5″

£25 per set.
One per customer please.

This figure will be available to purchase from the Spookypopshop
at 6pm Sunday 29th August (UK time).

Aug 5 2010

New T-shirt

Kidrobot’s Fall apparel line includes a T-shirt with one of my older Dunny character designs on.

You can see the details and purchase direct from the Kidrobot online store NOW.

Aug 3 2010

Whistlecraft and Son’s Patented Self Stoking Flunky Engine

Today my new Dunny toy from the upcoming 2010 series was revealed on Kidrobot.
Go check him out.

The range is released into the wild on the 19th of August.