Jan 15 2011

Original works available

People email me asking if I have any original works for sale.
If I do have any they will be on my webstore.

However there are various pieces dotted around galleries and stores in the USA. Here is a quick roundup for you.

Freak Show
Acrylic on wood panel with custom made frame.
Framed: 23 inches x 31 inches
Available from Lift in Detroit.

Sir Shilling Copperpenny
Original Ink Drawing
Caligraphic ink on very heavy watercolour paper.
matted and framed
Available from Cardboard Spaceship
Santa Cruz, CA USA

Pickman Company’s Wondrous Mechanical Abhorrence

Customised “Think up” vinyl toy.
About 24″ tall.
$1200  (UPDATE – NOW SOLD)
Available from Gallery 1988 Venice.
This piece was at their San Francisco venue which has recently moved to Venice CA. Not on their website yet. Contact them directly if you are interested in purchasing.
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (424) 238-5988



Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Acrylic on wood.
In an antiqued resin frame.
Frame 6″ x 8″
Image 3.25″ x 5.25″

Both available from Wootini

Jan 12 2011


The CD with the cover I drew recently has just gone on sale.

The image is a montage of elements taken from lyrics on the LP. There is a slight Noir twist to my usual style here to fit what the band wanted a little better.
Check it all out over at www.uglyography.com
There are posters available on their store with the drawing on too.

Undercover New Machine is a collection of 13 compositions from Uglyography frontman and bassist Matt Thomas (formerly of The Outer Loop and Lord Bowler). The album blends early punk rock energy and ideas (Descendents, Minutemen) with quirky catchy melodies (a la They Might Be Giants, Ween). The diverse musical blend mixed with rock-opera style lyrics define the essense of the Quirkadelic genre that Uglyography creates.

Jun 15 2010

Bubblegum and wax packets

On July the 1st the Art Hustle vintage style bubblegum card packs go on sale.

I was honoured to be asked to be a part of series one of this collectors card set made up of artists from around the world.

The Art Hustle is a boutique set of artist and art-based trading cards exhibiting an international group of 75 artists working in street art, toy art, kaiju, sketch, illustration, painting, aerosol art, poster art, tattoo art, digital art, collage, sculpture, photography and more. Inspired by trading cards produced from the 1960’s through the 80’s, the set offers up some vintage-inspired flavour including chipboard card stock and the much-loved wax paper wrapper. Cards also come with interesting facts on the backs that you don’t want to miss.

I have done a bunch of ink drawings on the cards to be randomly inserted in the packs. All the artists in the series have also done original works for insertion so you could get a piece of original art with your bubblegum stick.

Here are some of mine.

I hope it makes the cards smell the way they did when I was a kid.. (It was Hammer Horror cards for me back then..)

Mar 2 2010

SuperPunch Tarot

The Super Punch website is three years old. And to celebrate they asked a whole gaggle of artists to create a Tarot deck for them.

I got to do one of the Major Arcana……


Hmmmm. Maybe a whole Mechtorians Tarot would be nice…

Pop over to Super Punch and check out the rest of the deck.

Dec 16 2009

Free Original Artwork

When I visited the splendid Matt Jones in Manchester last week he was good enough to give me a heap of his mini sticker frames.
These have been drawn upon and I am now giving them away.


Any purchase from my online store will have one of these added as well for free.
Whilst stocks last.

Just order something from the Spookypop Shop and you will get an original hand drawn sticker too… If you are quick.

Sep 13 2008

Drawing Commissions

In a manner totally stolen from EssRose. :

For a limited time I am offering an experimental commission service.

An original pencil (and or ink ) drawing (depending on what I think is most suitable) of ANY subject you want.
Delivered for $60. (£30)

Paypal only. Paid on compleation.

The drawings will all be on watercolour paper and the ink will be indian ink if used ( i may also chuck in the odd splash of acrylic paint if I feel the need…)
Each drawing will be in the 6″ x 6″ to 8″ x 8″ size range.

Basic rules…
One item/character per drawing… Aditional characters are $30 each extra (£15).

Please email me with requestes as its simpler for me to keep track of emails than replies here.

doktor (at) spookypop (dot) com

And I think I should add a rule that I wont do filth…

So no suggestions for images of famous people in uncompromising positions.
Or Furries……….you know…….up to anything unnatural.

(I am rubbish at portraiture likenesses anyway so best not go there).
Characters is one thing.. I could do you a Hellboy or a Batman or whatever but i couldnt to a recognisable Jonny Depp…

Aug 7 2008

Get the Lead out


I have a new Mechtorian ink drawing in the “Get the Lead Out” show at the Black Maria Gallery in LA.
The show brings together artists from around the world in an exhibition of original pencil and ink drawings.
The sketchbook page planning behind this drawing is also available in the show.

3137 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Black Maria Gallery