Apr 26 2017

Unique Painted Creeps for Toycon

I will have these four unique painted version of series 1 of Copper Creeps available at Toycon in London on the 29th and 30th of April.
Two each of The Monster and The Bride will be available in these striking red and metallic tones.
Each will be £100.
Any remaining after the show will be available through my online store.

Apr 25 2017

Tcon Smackdown at Toycon UK

A giant Rumble!
A Colossal  Tumble!
And one heck of a smack-down.
Giant robot on Kaiju action.Customised Tcon Vinyl figure with scratch built Mechtorian figure. A dynamic scenario to be unveiled at Toycon UK this weekend (29th &30th April) In the York Hall Bethnal Green London.

Vinyl Tcon toy, Acrylic, Epoxy, Steel, Brass, Rubber, Lead, Found Parts.
8.5″ tall on base.

Apr 20 2017

WeGo Customs for Toycon

I have created a mini edition of customised Mechatro WeGo robot toys from Sen-Ti-Nel and 1000 Toys.
These 1:35th scale ( about 3″ tall) Mecha have interchangeable di-cast metal and plastic parts and are super articulated.

I have put my Mechtorian spin on just 6 of these little beauties. Three Red and Three Teal.

Remove the chest plate to reveal their gears inside. Each one is different.

They will be available from my booth (35) at Toycon in London on the 29th & 30th April for £150 each.
Any remaining after the show will be available through my online store.

Apr 12 2017

Exclusive Toycon Mandrake……

Toycon UK Mandrake toy by Doktor A and Toy Art Gallery

Exclusive release for Toycon!
This new colourway of my Mandrake Sofubi Kaiju toys.
Boscastle and his little buddy Tubor, the Roots of all Evil!
The shrieking anthropomorphic vegetables of folklore.

Produced by Toy Art Gallery in L.A and sculpted by the legendary David Arshawsky.

Only 5 sets have been made in this edition.
Straw body with an olive green rub and copper eyes and fades.

They will be available from my booth at Toycon for £65 a set.
Any remaining after the show will be available through my online store.

Apr 12 2017

Toycon 2017

The fifth Toycon UK will very soon be upon us and this time it’s a two day event.
I will be vending for both days with my full stall of Mechtorians, Copper Creeps and other items.
Follow my social media feeds for reveals of what I will be bringing to the show.

Head over to the official Toycon website to book your tickets.
29th & 30th April.
At York Hall in Bethnal Green London.

Feb 20 2017

Sir Shilling Copperpenny “Mourning Edition”

Available soon, an all new Hand-Painted edition of this popular mini Mechtorian vinyl figure.
Satin black with royal Purple, tarnished silver and white pinstripe.
Each of these 3″ tall figures is painted, signed, numbered and dated on the underside by Doktor A.
Painted to the same high standard of any of the Doktor’s gallery pieces.
Each comes boxed.

Only 20 pieces have been created of this exclusive version.

Manager at the Bank of Retropolis.
He has deep pockets and short arms.
Although his heart is large (some would say just old fashioned) he loves his coin collection above all else…
He has even toyed with the idea of having his beloved coins fashioned into a spouse.

Launching exclusively on my Online store at 6pm (UK time – GMT) on Wednesday 22nd February.

Only £65 ( approx $80) each.

Feb 10 2017

Available Works

I currently have a small handful of original and custom works available to purchase in various galleries around the USA. And of course they can all be contacted over the internet.

Starting top left:
Anesthesia is at Copro in L.A.
Unit 57 a Huck Gee Skullhead custom is with Clutter Gallery in New York.
Hob-Boglin is also with Clutter Gallery.
Martian Tripod is right now with Mothership Gallery in Philadelphia

So if you are interested in adding one of these pieces to your collection simply click on the link and contact the relevant gallery.

Nov 15 2016

Custom Dunnys for Designer Con


For the first time at Designer Con I will have a small selection of customised Dunnys available.
Each one is a unique Mechtorian character, finished to the same standard as any of my gallery show pieces.
So swing by booth number 114 this weekend and add a Doktor A custom to your collection.
$180 each. One per customer. First come first served.dcondunnyslicefrontbackweb dcondunnyno8frontbackweb dcondunnyno5front-backweb dcondunnyno4frontbackweb dcondunnychimneyfront-backweb dcondunnysetstudioinfoweb


Nov 14 2016

Designer Con 2016


Once again it’s time to head to sunny Pasadena for Designer Con, the largest “Art-Toy” and “Art Collectibles” show in the USA. This year there will be over 350 vendors and 150 artists at the show.

I will be there again on booth number 114 right inside the main door of the Ballroom (the same place as last year). This year I will have some unique custom toys available, an expanded range of Copper Creeps, prints, pins and a selection of Mechtorian toys and merchandise.

Please do drop buy and say hello. I will be happy to sign and doodle for you in you bring something along.

This is a two day event on November the 19th and 20th.
Tickets and a helpful interactive floor-plan are available now on their website.

I will also be part of their exciting Pin Scavenger Hunt. Visit the six booths involved and purchase a pin from each booth to get the FREE Designer Con pin at the end. Only 100 of each pin are available so don’t hang about.
So yes, this does mean a new Mechtorian pin. (see picture below.)



Nov 13 2016



The Hob-Boglin ( Hoblinus Boglinum)
The larger and less often spotted cousin to the common Boglin.
Slightly more intelligent and dangerous than it’s smaller brethren.
More likely to be seen sporting rudimentary clothing and in some reported cases even beaten metal armour.
If spotted in the wild, do not approach.
If agitated they can sometimes be subdued with Marsh Mallows, as long as they contain actual marsh.

Customised resin Boglin figure.
Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy Resin, Acrylic, A.B.S, Lead, Walnut Wood.
9″ tall X 7″ wide X 6.5″ (Including Plaque)


I am pleased to say I was invited to participate in the re-launch of Boglins.
This classic line of 1980’s toys has been reworked and reintroduced by Clutter with original creator Tim Clarke.

As someone who worked on the original line of Mini Boglins back then it has been fun revisiting these mischievous little characters and messing with them.
You can see all the artist’s versions at the Clutter Gallery from Nov 12th to Dec 2nd.

The piece can be purchased online HERE : https://shop.cluttermagazine.com/art-toys/hob-boglin-hoblinus-boglinum

hob-boglinleftweb hob-boglinfrontweb hob-boglinfrontrightweb hob-boglincloseweb hob-boglintongueweb