Sep 20 2016

DTA Nominated……….


I am very pleased to announce that I have again been shortlist nominated for a Designer Toy Award. My Ouiji Board Dunny custom is nominated for”Best Custom” this year. It is open for public voting until 26th September. Please go and vote if you like it.

I very much appreciate being recognised by my peer group in these awards. It is a validation that speak to the quality of my ideas and work. Thank you DTAs.

Aug 25 2016

New Patreon Pledge Levels Added


I have added two new pledge levels to my Patreon. One higher and one lower.

Monthly Lottery
($5 a month)
Everyone at this level and above is
entered into a draw to win a “thing” from me. This thing will always have a value greater than the $5 pledge. It may be a toy, a figure, an original drawing, a print, a prototype, an original sculpt. It will change from month to month and will be shipped direct to the lucky winner’s door.

Art Collector
($50 a month)
An original drawing posted to your door every month.
A totally unique 6″ X 4″ (ish) original Mechtorian work of art. Made for you alone. This may be an Ink or pencil drawing. It may be a whole new character or an image of an existing character or small group of characters. I will decide as I get to them. But each one will be different, charming and original.
( N.B. Only 10 places available.)

You can click over to my Patreon Page and help support me at your choice of SIX levels of patronage.

If you are already a Patron at the $10 level you will automatically be added to the new monthly Lottery.
You can easily upgrade or downgrade your existing Pledge level should you wish.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this far. You have been a great boon to my work. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Aug 7 2016

Copper Creeps Series 3

Copper Creeps Series 3 Imhotep the Mummy and the Wolfman Resin Robot collectibles by Doktor A.

Series three of the Classic Monster inspired resin robot collectibles are nearly with us.
“Imhotep”, Son of the Sands and “The Wolfman”, moon fearing denizen of the night, are the two latest additions to the expanding line.

Available at launch will be the super limited “Mono” edition. Hand painted, signed and numbered by Doktor A in a run of only 20 or each character. ( £90 each figure.)
And the open edition “Metal” editions in cold-cast Bronze and Pewter. Each signed by Doktor A. ( £40 each figure.)
Imhotep stands a slender 4″ tall with the Wolfman at a chunky 2.75″.
They come individually boxed in simple packaging with striking metal labels.

The series will launch on Saturday the 21st of August in person at Creaturegeddon the UK convention for lovers of creature design and monster make-up, taking place in Watford, London
( )

The metal editions will be available online in my store ( ) the same day.
Also Half of the Mono editions will be added to the store with any others added after the event closes should if any remain.

Copper Creeps Series 3 Imhotep the Mummy and the Wolfman Resin Robot collectibles by Doktor A.

Copper Creeps Series 3 Imhotep the Mummy and the Wolfman Resin Robot collectibles by Doktor A. Copper Creeps Series 3 Imhotep the Mummy and the Wolfman Resin Robot collectibles by Doktor A.

Aug 7 2016


Creaturegeddon 2016 Floor Plan

On the 21st & 22nd of August I will be having a booth at Creaturegeddon in Watford, London.
This is fairly new UK convention for lovers of creature design and monster make-up.

It has some amazing speakers from the very top of the movie effects world including Nick Dudman who oversaw all the Harry Potter films and David Marti of DDTFX responsible for the wonders of Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak among many others.

I will be there at booth No. 13, right in the middle of the hall with my work and launching series 3 of Copper Creeps .

If you want 10% off an advanced ticket use the code MECH16 at their online ticket vendor (good for the first 30 users).
l hope to see you there.

Jul 23 2016

Coming Soon

Copper Creeps series 3 coming soon

Jul 10 2016

“Ambulatory Artillery Unit 57”

Huck Gee Custom Blank Figure Mechtorian Doktor A.

Sargent Gee and his Mechanised Cannon were tasked by High Command to render all enemy bases inoperable. However on Mechtoria there are no enemies, thus no bases. So he has opted for rendering inoperable all potential hiding places for any potential enemies or terrorists..
To this end he is destroying all the trees!

Customised Huck Gee Blank Figure.
Polyurethane resin, Epoxy resin, Acrylic, Rubber, Lead, Paper, ABS, Steel, Found objects, Vintage Brass winding key.
8″ tall.

Currently on show at the Clutter Gallery in New York until August 5th.
Available to purchase online HERE.

AmbulatoryUnit57FrontWEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontRight2WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontRight1WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontLeft2WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontLeft1WEB AmbulatoryUnit57BackWEB

AmbulatoryUnit57RightWEB AmbulatoryUnit57LeftWEB


May 1 2016

New Custom toys

MayCustomsWIPNewsletterOn the 10th of May at 6pm UK time I will be releasing a handful of affordable small vinyl toy customs onto
my online store.
Shown above is a work-in-progress sneak peek at what is coming. There will be some mini Dunnys, a Madl and a few other pieces. This will be a first come first served sale so be quick off the block or you will miss out.

I will be releasing some of these less complicated, less expensive original custom pieces now and then to allow collectors at all levels a shot at getting something from me.

Patreon backers in my “First Dibs Club” will be offered the works 24 hours before the general release. So if you want to get an advantage come on over to my Patreon page and sign up before the drop.

Mar 29 2016

Announcing series 2 of Copper Creeps


Following the success of the first series pairing, The Monster and The Bride, series two introduces Vlad and Orlok. Two new twists on your favourite nocturnal undead blood suckers.

These stylish robotic interpretations of all your favourite iconic movie monsters will elevate your collection to the next level.
You will feel your movie monster collection is complete when you add these unique versions of the classic creatures you love so much.
They look stunning on your work desk or in your cabinets. Complimenting your existing collection by adding an exciting new twist to those classic designs.

Designed and sculpted by award winning toy artist Bruce Whistlecraft (A.K.A Doktor A.). Each piece is lovingly and individually hand cast and finished in England in finest antiqued “Cold Cast” metals.

Vlad stands a chunky 2.5″ tall.
Orlok a slim 3.5″ tall.

Launching in person at ToyconUK in London on April 9th. They will be available online the same day direct from
“Pewter” and “Bronze” open editions are £40 ($55) each.

So don’t walk… RUN to purchase a set for yourself.

 VladPewterFrontRightWEBVladPewterLeftWEB VladBrassFrontWEB VladBrassFrontLeftWEB VladBrassBackRightWEB OrlokPewterRightTurnWEB OrlokPewterLeftWEB OrlokPewterFrontRightWEB OrlokBrassFrontWEB OrlokBrassFrontLeftWEB OrlokBrassBackWEB

Mar 26 2016

Toycon UK 2016


The 9th of April sees the forth annual Designer Toy convention happening in central London. This is the UK’s biggest and best Art toy and Toy Maker convention, and I will be there again.

I am furiously working on lovely stuff to bring and will have a few surprises. and a new figure or two.

Last year’s event sold out before the doors opened so I strongly suggest you pick up a ticket in advance online now, from the Toycon online site

I hope to see many of the there. Please do stop by my booth (No. 35) and say hello.


Mar 1 2016


Doktor A on Patreon

My big news this month is the official launch, today, of my Patreon page.

Patreon is a great crowd funding system which allows fans of artists to support them as they work, and in return get exclusive content and sometimes goodies direct from the artist.

I will be posting lots of behind the scenes, work-in-progress information and pictures exclusively on my Patreon page. Giving unusual detail on my working practice and methods which have taken me decades to learn and hone. A great place to pick up tips if you create yourself, and an interesting thing to see if you are a collector of my work.

I will also be giving Patrons first crack at new releases before they go to my online store, as well as the regular news and information.

There is a great Patreon App for Apple and Android which lets you follow your artists in an Instagram style. It’s fun and easy and I am excited to be sharing my work in this new way with you.

I hope you would like to support me in this new fashion.