Dec 2 2021

Thomas Evolution

Thomas Nosuke is Evolving!

The original four editions of the popular 8″ tall Sofubi toy are about to be re-released with an exciting new upgrade.

Each of the the first four versions is back and they now sport a transparent head (tinted to match the body) through which can be viewed a glow-in-the-dark internal mechanism.

An exciting new twist on an old favourite!

The new versions  launch at Tomenosuke in Japan at 11.59pm(JST) on the 4th December.

Prices are:
Blue or Orange: ¥17,600 JPY
Green and Red: ¥18,700 JPY
4 colour set (BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN & RED and Glow): ¥66,000 JPY

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Aug 18 2021

Blinky Alsop DCon London Edition

The Blinky Allsop Teal hand-painted edition was created exclusively for Designer Con London.

An industrious and mischievous little fellow.
Blinky is able to turn his hand (or rather his prehensile mustache) to just about anything.
Though he has never really got to grips with Macramé.

Each figure in this super limited edition of only 10 is hand finished and painted by Doktor A.
This polyurethane resin Mechtorian figure stands 2.5″.
And comes with a cast metal winding key.

Each is signed, numbered and dated on the underside.
And comes in a foam lined box.

Available from booth (No.94) at Designer Con London.

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Jan 20 2020


To kick off the new year in style I am giving away FREE STUFF with every order from my online store through January.

The more you buy the more stuff you get.

Items like stickers, pins and other merchandise will be included with every shipment from my online store for the whole month.
The higher the order value, the larger the amount of extra stuff you receive.

All with FREE worldwide shipping.

Jan 11 2019

Clockwork Companion

I recently finished this custom of a Kaws Companion for a collector.

He has assembled his shiny new nervous system upgrade kit himself.
But has one small part left over…
Hopefully this wont prove to be a problem later…

Open edition Kaws Companion by Medicom.
Epoxy, Acrylic, Vintage clock parts, Lead, Paper.
11″ tall.

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Nov 24 2017

What is an AP?

Anesthesia Veiled robotic lady Bust. Vinyl art collectible by Doktor A and 3D Retro. Sculpted by Bruce Whistlecraft. Bronze Verdigris Usher edition.

Today the APs of my Anesthesia Bust (White and Bronze editions) go on sale in my online store.

What is an AP?

AP originally stood for Artist’s Proof. It is a term from the printing industry. It referred to the sample prints sent to an Artist so they could confirm they were happy with the quality before the full run could go ahead. These APs were often kept by the artist and sold later as a little bonus income. Sometimes people collect AP prints rather than prints from the main body of the run. So sometimes the APs are more valuable as there are far less of them (traditionally not more than 5% of the edition size).

In the Art Toy world the term AP has been adopted to mean the percentage of product that the company making the toy gives to the artist who designed the toy. This amount can vary depending on company and contract from a couple of toys to half the run. Though in my experience it’s not more than 10% of the run.

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Jul 10 2016

“Ambulatory Artillery Unit 57”

Huck Gee Custom Blank Figure Mechtorian Doktor A.

Sargent Gee and his Mechanised Cannon were tasked by High Command to render all enemy bases inoperable. However on Mechtoria there are no enemies, thus no bases. So he has opted for rendering inoperable all potential hiding places for any potential enemies or terrorists..
To this end he is destroying all the trees!

Customised Huck Gee Blank Figure.
Polyurethane resin, Epoxy resin, Acrylic, Rubber, Lead, Paper, ABS, Steel, Found objects, Vintage Brass winding key.
8″ tall.

Currently on show at the Clutter Gallery in New York until August 5th.
Available to purchase online HERE.

AmbulatoryUnit57FrontWEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontRight2WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontRight1WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontLeft2WEB AmbulatoryUnit57FrontLeft1WEB AmbulatoryUnit57BackWEB

AmbulatoryUnit57RightWEB AmbulatoryUnit57LeftWEB


Nov 30 2014

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