Nov 5 2018

Mini Metal Copper Creeps

A new addition to the Copper Creeps line.

Mini Metals!
They are Mini and they are Metal!

Solid, foundry cast metal versions of the Creeps you love so much.
Series one is launching at Designer Con.

The Bride is 1.75″ tall.
The Monster is 1.25″ and a chunky little nugget.

Each is lightly aged and polished and comes bagged
for the also tiny price of only $10.

They will be available online after the show.

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Nov 1 2018

Cymon Clops

A new 4″ tall resin Mechtorian figure.

Stamp collector and studier of really tiny things.
He opted for a single eye of superior magnification than two eyes of a lower standard.

Each one has an inset glass eye and comes with a real, solid cast metal winding key.

This Red painted edition is of only 10 pieces. They are the exclusive release at this year’s Designer Con.
Each is $100.

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Aug 26 2018

Cognition Dunny APs

The Artists Proofs of my recent 8″ Dunny with Kidrobot will go on sale on my webstore tomorrow Monday 27th August at 6pm UK time.
Each AP is signed and numbered on the underside of the foot and will come with a small glass jar containing “Spare Parts” for the clockwork brain..

£125 each shipped.
Sunday Best edition of 12 APs.
Ritzy Red edition of 8 APs.

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Aug 17 2018

Blinky Allsop – Ivy Green Edition

The popular 2.5″ tall resin Mechtorian figure Blinky Allsop will be released in a new hand painted colourway especially for ToyArt in Leeds.

The show exclusive edition of only 5 pieces.
£50 each.

All lovingly hand made in England, each piece has it’s own winding key, is signed & numbered and comes in carded bag packaging.

An industrious and mischievous little fellow.
Blinky is able to turn his hand (or rather his prehensile mustache) to just about anything.
Though he has never really got to grips with Macramé.

Aug 7 2018

New 8″ Dunny

August the 10th sees the release of my latest 8″ Dunny with Kidrobot.

Travithick’s Cognition Enhancement Engine

Brains are the latest thing!
Nanoclockwork is taking the world by storm.
Super fast and super compact. The ultimate in cognitive engineering.
A must have item for any Mechtorian undergoing a re-fit, to bring them into the new information age.
Ronson Travithick found a way to create super miniaturised clockwork mechanisms and employed them as the perfect system to generate brains.
A thousand times more complex, faster and smarter than the previous system of pulleys and levers installed in most Mechtorian heads.
Combining this with some patented Teslastein Static Injectors, enhances the process even further.

Sporting a clear head enclosing a transparent brain with inserted electrodes, this is my most complex Dunny to date.

He will be releasing on Friday, August 10th on at 10:00am MST.
He will also be available from all Kidrobot retailers worldwide.
And I will have a small number of APs available very soon.

P.S. (There is also an exclusive Kidrobot edition…)

Jul 23 2018

Chillingham Bust APs

The APs of my latest Anesthesia Bust are now live on my webstore.

The “Chillingham” edition of the 12″ tall vinyl veiled lady bust is finished in a rusted Steel with a gloss black base.
The full run edition from 3D Retro is only 50 pieces.
The APs I have available number only 5. Each signed and numbered on the underside.


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Apr 30 2018

New Anesthesia Edition

Crimson red Allerdale edition Anesthesia Veiled Lady bust sculpted by Doktor A, Bruce Whistlecraft. Produced by 3D Retro.

The Crimson “Allerdale” Edition version of my Anesthesia Bust has launched.

I sculpted the original piece in 2014 as a high end art sculpture. Now 3D Retro have transformed her into a stylish and affordable addition to your home decor. The classically styled bust of Anesthesia was inspired by the incredible marble work of Raffaele Monti (1818–1881).

The regular unsigned version is available now at 3D Retro.
The signed AP version is available now from The Mechtorian Emporium (with FREE International shipping).
Each of the 12″ tall busts comes in a window box and has an edition run of only 50 pieces.

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Apr 10 2018

Toycon releases for all

Mechtorians Toycon UK Exclusives 2018

The remaining stock of Toycon UK releases are now available to all on my webstore.
FREE International shipping!

Apr 2 2018

Joe Decahedron

Joe Decahedron robot Mechtorian resin figure. Art collectible by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A.Joe enjoys his job in risk assessment.
He rolls with the chances life brings.
Nothing is truly random.
He is a well balanced and multi faceted personality.
He speaks several languages and collects hobbies and skills.
A polygonal polymath!

A new resin Mechtorian figure. 2.5″ tall with the bulk of an apple, Joe will be launching in two versions at ToyconUK.
The hand painted limited edition of 25 pieces and the “Cold-Cast” Bronze edition of 100.
Each one of the painted, numbered edition comes with a key.
All lovingly hand made in England, each piece is signed and dated and comes in carded bag packaging.

The painted limited edition will be £100 each.
The “Bronze” edition will be £45 each.

After the convention any remaining pieces will be available online.

Joe Decahedron robot Mechtorian resin figure. Art collectible by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A. Joe Decahedron robot Mechtorian resin figure. Art collectible by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A. Joe Decahedron robot Mechtorian resin figure. Art collectible by Bruce Whistlecraft, Doktor A.

Mar 31 2018

Toycon Teal Stumpy

Exclusively for Toycon 2018.
Stumpy Warburton returns in a new micro edition of only 10 pieces.
Clad in a metallic “Toycon Teal” with pale green eyes, this 2″ tall resin figure comes signed and numbered in bag & card packaging.

Each one will cost £30.
Any units remaining after the show will be available from the Mechtorian online store.

Toycon Teal Stumpy Warburton Mechtorian figure by Doktor A. Toycon Teal Stumpy Warburton Mechtorian figure by Doktor A.